Discover, The Benefits Of Having Your New Business Built By Successful Business Owners In Less Than 30 Days...
New Business Express Startup Program- We’ll have your business up and going in less than 30 days. We do the following to ensure you have a strong business foundation:
• We’ll pick a strong SIC/NAICS Code that banks lend money easily to.

• We’ll pick the Top Business Entity that investors and bank lenders cater to.

• We’ll file for your Articles of Incorporation in any state you choose. (Exclude- South Carolina, they only allow attorneys to file their).

• We’ll provide you with the financial projection to submit to Dun and Bradstreet to help give you a strong business credit rating.

• We’ll complete all your online and offline business and government registration so you’ll have strong third party verifiers to help you get credit approvals.

• 3 page website (Home Page Describing your product or service About Page and Contact Page)

• Custom Logo

• Business Card, Leaflet, Envelope, and Letter Head to brand your business

• Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus Cover

BONUS 1- We give you out bestselling Ebook, “Insiders Bank Secrets” This book explains how to instantly increase your business Bank Rating in less than 30 days, so you can increase your unsecured lines of credit and loans.
 Bonus 2. You’ll receive the contacts to all the micro and small business lenders across the country. With this powerful list alone, you can bypass traditional lenders and focus on dealing directly with lenders and investors that are interested in helping you make your business a success.


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