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Click funnels is an all in one solution to create stunning landing pages, sales funnels, webinar sign up pages and membership sites from the ground up.
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So what are the benefits of using Clickfunnels?

No need to hire expensive website designers

Click funnels allows you to choose from a variety of proven marketing templates. Create a wide range of landing pages that will allow you to quickly and easily build an email follow up campaign.

Track your entire sales process.

Know exactly where your website may need improvement and use the built in split tester to measure which webpage is performing better based on real world statistics.

Integrate analytics

integrate Google analytics, Facebook tracking or any other third party tracking software quickly and easily. You have the ability to add tracking on your entire funnel or on just one or two pages to simply measure your conversion rates on any third party tracking program, of course Clickfunnels gives you built in statistics as well showing you conversion rates through the entire process of your sales or marketing funnel.

Quickly and easily integrate your email auto-responder.

Connect your subscribers to any list in all of the most popular auto-responder providers including Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and more. There is no need to fumble around with clunky html or javascript code. Simply choose your provider, choose the list and let Clickfunnels do the rest.

Increase your opt-ins with the two-step sign up process.

Statistics have proven that simply putting a single button on a web page that when clicked pops up a opt-in form can actually increase your subscription rate by as much as 20%. Plus, you can add exit intent exit pop-up windows to help increase your email opt-ins even more.

Move your subscribers from one list to another, seamlessly, based on their actions.

Delivering the right message at the right time simply makes sense. With Clickfunnels it’s now possible to speak to your prospects and even your current customers based on what actions they have taken on your website. This is just smart marketing.

Integrate the built in shopping cart features with your payment gateway.

Clickfunnels also allow you to create stunning check out pages customized to your website. Add the ability to offer once click up-sells and you have a winning combination.

Spit test any page to increase your sales, email opt-ins and engagement

Don’t know if your up-sell is converting as good as it should? Well, you can split test that as well. In fact you can split test any page in a funnel to make sure you’re getting the highest visitor value. Knowing how much each website visitor is worth to your business is the key to any successful online marketing business model.

Create full access restricted membership sites

Want to create a membership area that can only be accessed by your paying customers? No problem, Clickfunnels does that to. You can choose from a variety of professionally design membership area templates. Create lessons for each topic and quickly and easily organize the entire membership in an easy to understand intuitive way your customers will love.
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More Benefits of Clickfunnels...
  •  Timing.  Your clickfunnels software is your company's powerhouse. It can help you manage projects from start to finish in a smooth and timely fashion. This systems will help organize your important information into a filing system and help you track the progress of your customers or client base as them move throughout your funnel.
  •  Focus on client needs. Knowing where a customer or client is in a sales or webinar funnel, you'll be able to focus on their individual needs. You'll be able to send out a series of emails to help keep them on track throughout the funnel instantly freeing up time for you and your team.  Also giving you the ability to create and offer client or customers more of your products or services.   Features like this allow you to truly focus on the work that matters and take administrative tasks off your plate as well as an opportunity to double your profits
  • Improved collaboration. Clickfunnels make it simple for your team to work together by sharing different marketing funnels, timelines and status updates. If one staff member creates a funnel and saves it to the system, another team member will be able to access and edit the same funnel. Clickfunnels system is all cloud-based, meaning no matter where you are working, you’ll always have access to the system and all the work within it. This is especially important for lthose who are often on the move between their clients and customers.
  •  Progress updates. Using clickfunnels software will help you keep track of the progress of all your clients and customers. You can monitor funnels that employees are working on so they can provide updates regarding their projects, giving the whole team the ability to know how specific funnels are working. This tracking will help your company become more efficient by keeping everyone on the same page.
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